HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Server

مشخصات فنی فیلم محصول درخواست پیش فاکتور
Intel Processor Type
Intel® Xeon® Scalable 8200 series Intel® Xeon® Scalable 6200 series
Intel® Xeon® Scalable 5200 series Intel® Xeon® Scalable 8100 series
Intel® Xeon® Scalable 6100 series Intel® Xeon® Scalable 5100 series
Processor family
28or 26 or 24 or 22 or 20 or 18 or 16 or 14 or 12 or 10 or 8 or 6 or 4, per processor, depending on model Processor core available
13.75MB L3 or 16.50 MB L3 or 19.25 MB L3 or 22.00 MB L3 or 24.75 MB L3 or 27.50 MB L3 or
30.25MB L3 or 33.00 MB L3 or 35.75 MB L3 or 38.50 MB L3, per processor, depending on model
Processor cache
Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors Processor Name
4or 2 or 1 Processor number
3.8GHz, maximum depending on processor Processor speed
(Rack (4U (Form factor (fully configured
3maximum, for detailed descriptions reference the QuickSpecs Expansion slots
HPE DDR4 SmartMemory and HPE Persistent Memory Memory type
48DIMM slots maximum Memory slots
6.0TB with 128 GB DDR4, depending on processor model
12.0TB with 512 GB Persistent Memory, depending on processor model
Maximum memory
6.0TB (48 X 128 GB) LRDIMM
12.0TB (24 X 512 GB) HPE Persistent Memory
Memory, standard
or 8SFF NVMe or 2SFF Premium HDD Front NVMe/SAS/SATA
Drive supported
HPE iLO Standard with Intelligent Provisioning (embedded) and
HPE OneView Standard (requires download) are included Optional:
HPE iLO Advanced, HPE iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition and
(HPE OneView Advanced (optional require licenses
Infrastructure management
8maximum Expansion slots
4HPE Flexible Slot Power Supplies, maximum depending on model Power supply type
Optional FlexibleLOM Network controller
HPE Smart Array S100i or HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 Controller
or HPE Smart Array P816i-a SR Gen10 Controller, depending on model
Storage controller
Hot plug redundant standard System fan features
(Rack (2U Form factor
8.75×44.55×75.47cm (Minimum dimensions ( H x W x D
34.12kg Weight
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