HPE StoreOnce 5200 System

برای اطلاع از قیمت تماس بگیرید : 88500466-021


48TB raw, 36 TB useable (base plus first upgrade kit) expandable to 216 TB useable Capacity
1Gb Ethernet standard, 10GbE SFP, 10GbE-T, 16 Gb FC or 32 Gb FC optional
can be added in any configuration up to maximum quantity of four
Host interface
33TB/hr, maximum using HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Transfer rate
HPE StoreOnce deduplication Deduplication
HPE StoreOnce 5200 48 TB capacity upgrade kit Storage expansion options
Yes – HPE StoreOnce Replication and Catalyst Copy Replication support
Hardware RAID 6 RAID support
64 Number of virtual tape libraries and NAS targets
No Virtual appliance
(HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, Virtual Tape Library (iSCSI, FC), and NAS (CIFS, NFS Target for backup applications
HPE LTO-2/LTO-3/LTO-4/LTO-5/LTO-6/LTO-7 Ultrium Tape Drives in MSL2024 Tape Library
MSL4048 Tape Library, HPE D2D generic library with HPE D2D generic tape library
Tape device emulated
32 Number of source appliances, maximum
16,384 (Tape cartridges emulated (maximum
4U up to 14U Form factor
17.46×44.8×67.94cm (Minimum dimensions ( H x W x D
46.2kg Weight

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